A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Feeling the need to fly through the skies or empty space? the need to blast away enemies as they try to take you down?

Angel Riders is the game that fulfills both of your needs, in a 2D SHMUP gameplay style! Take command of four available ships from Type-A to Type-D and navigate with caution through 3 short but progressively difficult levels. If you are up for the challenge, bring up the difficulty to INSANE for a rewarding x4 multiplayer for your final high score!


2D SHMUP Style

4 Available ships

3 Short but Perilous Levels

and 4 menacing Difficulties!


Arrow Keys: Ship Navigation/Menu Toggle

Space: Shoot/Menu Select

W/S Keys: Toggle HUD/Lives (In Game)

ESC: Exit game to main menu (Loose Progress and Restart)

P.S. I am planning to remake this in the future sometime with more features, so in the meanwhile, ENJOY THIS SHORT EXPERIMENTAL DEMO! : )

Install instructions

The downloadables are simply .EXE files, place them anywhere on your computer and let it run!


Angel Rider x32.exe 27 MB
Angel Rider x64.exe 34 MB
Angel Riders x32.exe 22 MB
Angel Riders x64.exe 23 MB